Ah The Oscars, The Night When…

….films you never would watch get hailed as the greatest thing ever….and then when we do go and watch them we wonder what all the fuss was about? 

Not to mention, all the news about who was wearing what…and ‘Where did you get those shoes?’

Listen I get it…but in the whole movie scheme of things does an Oscar really mean you’re the best thing since the invention of the wheel?

Because of it does, what about great actors like Robert Redford, Charlie Chaplin, Richard Burton, and Steve McQueen, all who never got the nod.

Or even the ladies…actresses like Judy Garland, Julianne Moore, Glen Close and Doris Day got passed over.

All wonderful at their craft but never got recognised for it.

But while they mightn’t have gotten the nod, they’ve got thousands of fans all over the world that love their work.

Same with us self published authors.

Most of us won’t cause a blip on the publishing radar, but to the people that like our work we make a difference.

We entertain, make them laugh/cry, and amuse them for a few hours with our coloring books.

And as long as we keep them that way that’s all that matters…

..well that, and keeping that group all in a nice little herd so you can make sure they get your next instalment of goodness to them.

Because most bank mangers prefer cash than trophies……or so I was told.

While we mightn’t be handing out Oscars at WriteCome this week, if you want to know what it feels like to walk down the red carpet to the membership area, you can get a sneak peek here. You’ll have a week to make up your mind.

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