Almost as surprising as Mr Kaboom

…back in 2012, Mr Kaboom caused a panic at City Hall in Akron, Ohio.

Well, it wasn’t surprising, as he left his walking stick behind him….with his surname engraved on it.

Now, while my latest course hasn’t got a name that’ll ever cause a stampede like that, it does do exactly what it says on the tin. – Create coloring book images for free.

Thing is, it does it so well I’ve actually surprised myself with what you’re able to do with it. – Hence the adding of another coloring book image on the sales letter – one that took me less than five seconds to make.

If you’ve got imagination, and looking for tons of no cost content I’d go there sharpish.

It’s so good, I know I’m selling it too cheap. – Hence the price is going up tomorrow.

Vector Graphic Coloring Book Images 2