An Idea A Day Keeps Your Competition At Bay.

…Once upon a time, there was a company that was doing pretty well but knew it could be doing better.

The owner called someone in for their advice.

‘How can we make this place better?’

‘Easy, ask everyone at your next meeting to bring one idea with them next time. No matter how crazy the idea, they’ll all get given the same treatment. But you’re looking for ways to make the company better.’

And so the owner followed the advice.

Did it work?

Yep. In fact that not only did the business do far better, but it had a side effect on the staff too.

Not only did they feel part of the business, but family life got better too. Divorce rates plummet to zero.

How so? Seems when you get into the habit of looking for solutions, and making things better, you don’t have time to stay stewing on your problems.

Why not try it out yourself?

Your mission, should you accept it, is to think of one idea that can make your business better.

One idea a day.

In seven days from now you’ll have 7 ideas. Will all of those ideas be good? Probably not, but you will find some gems you hadn’t thought of before.

Here’s a few questions to get the ball rolling….

What did you make this year that you can combine together and sell as a new product next year?

Can you make a 2.0 version of what you made this year?

How can you reuse all that PLR content you bought this year?

How can you do a prequel, or sequel, to that fiction book you wrote this year?

How can you save time on your content creation next year?

What can you change the format of, to sell as an additional product?

Now some of those questions may leave you scratching your head and not knowing what you can do, don’t let your noggin off the hook.

It’ll come to you, just make sure you have a pen and paper handy to capture the answer.

It only takes one idea a day.

Speaking of one ideas, that’s how my keyword for beginners course came about. How could I help beginners quickly find out what their audience wants, and even better, do it in seconds?

Here’s the answer.

PS – In a year from now you’ll have 365 ideas…and probably a huge bulging forehead…I probably should have mentioned that earlier….sorry.