Another Hidden Talent You Didn’t Know I Had

…. we’d queued up for hours to get the tickets and the day had finally arrived.

To say that we couldn’t wait to see U2 live on stage was an understatement.

On the weeks on the run up to the concert, the tapes and CD’s were on a constant loop.

“You know what would be really cool?” My sister Denise smirked. “If you shaved U2 into the back of my hair.”

As you’re probably aware by now, I’m prone to making bad decisions.

This time was no different.

“You’re sure?”

“Yeah, just on the back here, I can let my hair down and you’ll never see it. When we go to the concert I can tie it up in a ponytail. It’ll look great.”

“Alright, then.” I shook my head. “It’s your head.”

An hour later, and sore fingers from using a pair of toe nail scissors, I stood back and admired my handy work.

Had to admit, it did look cool.

My mother had a different idea.

Let’s just say there was a very frosty atmosphere in the McDonald household for a week or so.

That’s the way it is sometimes.

You do something that sounds like a great idea, like buy a piece of software to automate your book marketing, and later find out that the basics are just as effective and work long term.

Thing is, it won’t get you into as much trouble as I did, but it pays to know more than one way to make more book sales.

Here’s 12.

PS – What’s the difference between a good barber and a bad barber?….About two weeks.