Another Time I Put My Foot In It

…on the 25th of September 2017, I was 20 years married.

 I know… 20….years.

My wife kids me that if she killed me she’d have been out in half that time. 🙂

I tell her that if she hasn’t killed me with her cooking by now, she’ll never will.

Ah…that’s what marriage does to you. 🙂
Going back to the topic of today’s blog post.

Twenty years ago, I’d convinced myself that I didn’t need to write out a speech for our wedding day.

‘Sure it’ll come to me,’ I says to myself.

‘I’ll just stand up, open my gob and it’ll all come out.’

They’ll laugh at how we met, how we started out without a single stick of furniture and had to eat sitting on the stairs, and that she calls me ‘Mousey McDonald’ and I call her ‘Gabby Gilmore.’

The fantasy in my head played out that way…the reality….not so much.

I think if I’d been timed, it would have entered the Guinness book of records as the shortest groom’s speech ever done.

‘I love her, she’s made me the happiest man alive,’ and then bum in seat, followed by a long drink of beer to calm my nerves.

‘Gabby Gilmore’ on the other hand did herself proud. She said all I wanted to say and more. And all from her head.

Twenty years later, she’s still as Gabby as ever and I’m still as Mousey.

You probably thinks it’s otherwise with all the emails and stuff, but I’m more of a writer than a talker.

Some of early videos are evidence of that. 🙂

….that wedding speech disaster was also recorded, but you won’t ever be seeing that one.


But thankfully I’d got better at speaking and have been to known to drop some knowledge bombs. If you’d like to see some of those knowledge bombs and a way to make money writing articles….. go here.