Anyone Remember 2019?

…I was making a meme this morning and came across the Game of Thrones ‘Winter is coming’ template.

Only a few months ago, the ending to that show seemed like it was the end of the world to some.

The wealthy parents, paying to get their stupid offspring into school, also seemed like something worthy of our attention.

The Boeing 737 that loved to crash?

Or what about Notre Dame?

And don’t forget Teresa May and Brexit?

Now with the world on hibernation mode, for only a few weeks, those ‘important’ things seem like they happened years ago.

And we’re left wondering why we even cared so much about them?

And that’s the thing…this reset button is making a lot of people re-look at what’s really is important in life.

A celebrity without makeup?

Or a nurse that’s got welts on her face, from wearing a mask all-day in intensive care?

Spending a lifetime working in a job you hate, and never seeing your kids?

Or finally, dusting off that business idea or dream, and working on it seriously this time?

Now, I know that when the world picks up speed once more, and we start to burn up the ice caps as quickly as we used to, people will forget.

They’ll go back to the old habits they once had.

And they’ll binge on TV to numb out a life they’re not happy living.

You can go back to that trough with them, or you can start to create work you’re proud of, and can make money from.


Using all the tools here.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – Bet Teresa May’s glad she’s not around right now.  😀