Anything Can Get You To Vagueville


…and even if you’ve got no transport, or get lost, you’ll find plenty of people headed in it’s direction.

You can’t miss it, not with a population it’s size.

Thing is, compared to everywhere else, it looks like a good place to hang out.

There’s no pressure, nothing gets done, and people chase a fresh “get quick, don’t sweat it”, money making opportunity each day.

But a place like Goalstown, now that’s a different story.

Life over there seems boring with folks following the same methodical actions day in and day out, and not chasing everything, because they’ve only one thing on their mind.

Funny thing is….the folks at Vagueville celebrate the success of the people of Goalstown all the time.

They’ve got posters on their walls of them.

Pay big money to stand in the same room as them.

And  secretly wish they had their magic powers.

But then the lure of the next box-set robs that from them.

PS – An action a day, repeated without delay, is the surest shortcut, from a life that’s all grey.