Are You Another One With Aprosexia?

…the other day I came across an interesting fact….’If the daily words from Twitter were put into book form it would have ten million pages.’

Would all of those pages be worth reading? – Probably not, and that’s only Twitter.

Throw in a bit of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, not to mention Netflix and the like, and it’s no wonder most people haven’t the ability to concentrate on anything.

It’s no wonder most people online don’t make any money, or get anything done.

They’re constantly getting their heads turned by the slightest beep, buzz, or whistle.

There’s Aprosexia everywhere.

Had they ditched the social media –that’s not making them money, and distracting them – and just sat down with an old fashioned pen and paper, they’d find a better use for their time.

Like simply asking themselves a question and letting their ole noggin get back to them with an answer.

That’s how Clever Coloring Creations came about.

I simply asked myself the question, ‘How can I make coloring book images for free?’

The answer….’Use content you already own, or ‘borrow’ someone else’s.’


But there’s one problem. – You’ll probably have more images than you can ever use. – I ran up a 100 images in a few minutes.

You can get them as a free bonus here….Clever Coloring Creations. 

PS – Or here’s another crazy idea.- Why not sell them off to the rest of the Aprosexia crowd and put some money in your back pocket?

Now that would be a ‘Clever’ idea!