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Are You Happy?

Sometimes we feel that all our ducks need to be lined up before we’ll be happy. When I’ve got this book written, when there are a thousand people dropping by my blog every day, when I’ve got a million subscribers to my YouTube channel, then I’ll be happy. 

But when, or if ever, we reach those targets that happiness has left and it’s off to some other point further off in the distance. And reaching those goals feels like an empty climax. Is this it? Is this what it’s like? – Usually the reason we feel that way is because we’re the same old miserable person but now standing in a new spot. 

When it comes to achievement the buzzword is success. You’re a success because you’ve done that great thing. But not many of us think of happiness instead. Because when you think about it, what’s the point in success if it’s making us miserable. Wouldn’t it be better to be a happier small success story than a large unhappy one? 

And what of happiness? If you watch the TV advertisements we’re led to believe that the latest car or chocolate bar is all we need. – Just get behind the wheel, stick that bar in your gob and you’ll almost be able to touch heaven. The reality is that both are far from there. – You’re left wondering how you’ll make the next five years of car payments, and you’re not happy that you’re starting to spill out of your clothes. 

Like success, happiness isn’t something we can hold in our hands or measure in any way. What’s the cut off point in being successful and unsuccessful, and what number on the gauge should we measure happiness at? Both are something that can only be measured by the person themselves and how they feel. A mother raising three kids on her own and putting them through college is as much a success story as walking on the moon. 

Also, success can only come through happiness.  Real success mind you, not the fake Instagram kind. Success comes to the shopkeeper who loves what he does.  It comes to the writer that writes every day because that’s what makes them happy.  It comes to the podcaster who loves answering questions and making a difference in people’s lives. Doing the thing that makes them happy makes them successful.

Now, what about you? Are you happy? Would you be happy to step off the planet tomorrow knowing that you left it a better place, or that you did your thing while you were here? If not, maybe it’s time for a rethink? Maybe instead of chasing after the goal of finding your ‘magical’ passion, you just focused on what makes you happy? What would you do for free? What would a day look like that to you was a productive one, one that you could be content in knowing you did a good job? 

That’s where you’ll find your happiness. That’s the solid foundation on which success can be built on. And that’s the starting point to any great journey. Going by any other route means you’ll always feel that there should be more, that it’s empty when you get there, and you find yourself chasing after happiness in some other place. But once you’ve got it in your back pocket, everything else is a bonus. 

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