Are You Running From Something ….Or Running Toward It?

…to look at Dwayne Johnson, you’d say he’s got it all. What with wrestling titles, movies, and that big white grin, it probably seems like he could come out of a pigsty …smelling of roses.

But go back a few years, when he was a failed American football player, with only seven bucks in his pocket, that picture was the polar opposite of his life now.

Picked up by his father and driven home, tail between his legs, that memory has never left him.

Nor does he ever want to lose it.

It’s what powers him through his workouts.

It’s what motivates him to stretch himself to go further.

And it’s what he says, means he’ll always out work anyone he’s in competition with.

To make sure he never forgets, he’s called his production company ‘7 Bucks Productions’

For him, the pain of that moment keeps him moving, running away from it.

Compare this to others, that go the opposite way….aiming for a goal and trying to reach it.

For some people, that may work.

But it’s not for everyone.

Maybe it’s not working for you right now.

Maybe you’re running toward something you want, but you never can see yourself getting there.

– It’s not motivating you.
– It’s not making you stay in your seat.
– And it’s not making you switch on your laptop every day.

If it’s not working, it might be worth looking away from your goals and toward the pain you want to keep out of your life.

– The coworkers you can’t stand to be around.
– The struggle for money each month.
– That memory when you were told you wouldn’t amount to much.

If the carrot’s not working right now, maybe it’s time to bring out the stick, and see if you can whip that ass of yours into line today.

Writing those thoughts down, so that they’re always nearby, can be very motivating.

You know what’s also very motivating?

Making money from showing others to do the

Barry J McDonald.

PS – If you’d like to watch that Rock interview, you can find it on YouTube. – Swears like a sailor too, which also surprised me.