Are You Willing To Pay The Hidden Price?

…now that we’re coming out of Christmas session and heading into the January sales, you’re gonna hear a lot of this.

‘That’s reduced…grab it quick.’

‘Look what I got for a tenner.’

‘You know….this was twice as much before Christmas.’

But you won’t ever hear people talk about the ‘price tag’ behind the price tag.

A thirty buck exercise bike may be a bargain, but there’s the price tag of having to use it on a regular basis.

A good book on Instagram might only be three dollars, but there’s the hours of content creation and putting yourself out there, price tag never considered.

If you’re not willing to pay those price tags, that exercise bike is going to end up being a clothes horse, stuck in the corner of your bedroom.

That Instagram book, another one in your Kindle library never looked at again.

If there’s one thing that’s going to give you the most success, keep more money in your pocket, and draw that B.S you’ve been avoiding to ask yourself to the surface, it’s this….

‘Am I willing to pay the price tag of this?’

…if you’re not, then you’ve got ask yourself if that’s a wise a purchase you’re about to make.

And why aren’t you willing to pay the hidden price tag?

Is it laziness, fear, or not what you want?

If you’re not willing to pay the price, I’d keep that hand of yours in your pocket.

That’s like the member’s area in WriteCome.

Yes, there’s a monthly membership fee.

But there’s also the price tag of working the courses, creating your content, getting yourself out there.

If you’re not willing to do that…well, I’d keep your money for something you are willing to use.


….if you’re willing to pull up your big boy/girl pants, and pay your dues….here’s the link.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – I’d like to give Dexter Abraham full credit for today’s email idea.