Arnie Didn’t Need Social Media

…Many years ago…I was a big fan of big Arnie.

Still am, but don’t have all the posters decorating the room.

Don’t think Catherine would be too impressed to be sharing a bedroom with the Austrian Oak.


I was watching a documentary about the bodybuilding scene the other night.

Whether you like the sport or not, it threw up a few points that made me nod my head in agreement.

Seems some of the top bodybuilders haven’t the largest number of fans or make the most money nowadays.


They’re too hard core, are totally focused on the game like it’s life or death, and have the personality of a dumb bell.

And…they also live in a shell.

The ones that do make the cash aren’t always the best or win the most shows, but they’re constantly on social media mingling with fans and promote themselves as much as they can.

Some might argue…wrongly..that Arnold wasn’t the best bodybuilder of his time and that others deserved his titles.

But boy did he know how to promote himself and his brand…and all this was done before social media…and not having English as his first language.

If Arnold was going to be at a show it was guaranteed to be a sell out.

So..what’s all this got to do with you?

Authors are ten a penny, the ones that get to the top aren’t always the best.

Also the ones with a huge social following are usually the ones nowadays that are getting offered the publishing

For a publisher if an author can guarantee that they’ll sell copies of their book with as little effort as possible…they’re a shoo in.

Whether you agree with this happening or not…you’ve no choice but to get your face, your message, and your books out there.

I’ve got a few courses in the WriteCome membership site, that you could be tucking into in the next five minutes.

Or you could sit and wait for the Disney fairy to drop by.

But…you might have to long wait, I’ve heard that there’s a lot of other people waiting for their miracles first.