As Useful As Buzz Aldrin Selling Cars

…how a man that had been to the moon and back ever ended up as a car salesman is beyond me. But, that’s where Buzz Aldrin found himself working for six months.

Now, you’d rightly presume that a man of his stature was getting rid of cars as quickly as they were rolling onto the forecourt.


Ole Buzz didn’t sell a car in that time. Not one.

Why? Well, maybe because his heart wasn’t in it. – Who’s would be if you’d been to the moon?

Or maybe the folks that were dropping by were more interested in an autograph than a new set of wheels.

Now if you’d put Buzz in charge of lunar tourism, or selling off second hand NASA junk, I’m sure the results would have been far better.


Because it was something he knew about, and also I’d presume, something that excited him to talk about.

Me, I like writing emails. And if there’s at least one piece of writing I do each day, it’s write an email.

So when I heard of a new piece of software that could help people get more of their emails opened, it made me chuckle.

That’s all good and well, but where’s the writing bit?

Where’s the bit where you have to come up with ideas, don’t bore people, or don’t come off as someone off Westworld?

Alas, like Buzz and his car sales, there’s a big zero on that side of the sales sheet.

Guess like that sales manager, they’re going to find out that they put their money on the wrong pony.

Email Ace‘s new tagline –  ‘A lot more useful to you than MailEngine.’

PS – And another astronaut fact you mightn’t know, Neil Armstrong once sued his barber for selling off locks of his hair. –  But that’s for another day’s blog post.