At Least You’re Not Eating Dog Food

…put yourself in this man’s shoes for a moment…

– You’re 24.
– You’re a high school dropout.
– You’ve been turned down by the army.
– You’ve failed to get your work in any newspapers.
– Your favorite character was stolen by a movie studio.
– You’re so hungry you’ve resorted to eating dog food.
– Oh, and it that isn’t bad enough, you’ve been told
that nobody is going to like your next creation.

Tough start, right?

Did he ever make something of himself?

Well, when he ditched the idea of making money from Oswaldo the Rabbit, I think his next creation, Mickey Mouse, more than made up for all that heartache.

Yep, that was Walt Disney’s life back then.

Looking at the Disney empire now, it’s hard to believe it all could have been lost at any moment.

Any of those turning points up there could have been the one where he threw in the towel.

And who’d have blamed him.

I’m sure there was plenty of..

‘Why me?’
‘Is this ever going to turn around?’
‘I just need a break!’

Just like we all do, from time to time.

But keep going…you don’t know what’s ahead of you.

You might have it tough right now, but at least you haven’t had to resort to eating dog food…..not just yet. 🙂

Now, while you mightn’t have the chops to create a character like Mickey Mouse, you could entertain the kids with these confusing little characters. 

PS – You could even put them on t-shirts, coffee cups, and more…..just like….well, just like Disney does.  🙂