Bad Omens For Amazon And Their ‘Good Omens’ Show

…imagine for a moment, that you got your hands on book from a very gifted author, got your hands on two very talented actors, and spent some big funds bringing it to TV. Then a few weeks after it’s released, it causes a big hub-bub and you don’t get the recognition for owning it?

That’s what Amazon faced this week, when Netflix was petitioned to take down ‘Good Omens,’ a show written by Neil Gaiman, and featuring David Tennant and Martin Sheen as an angel and a demon trying to stop the upcoming apocalypse.

Now, while the Internet is chuckling along – at the angry mob targeting the wrong streaming service – it just goes to show you who has the upper hand here. – It’s Netflix.

Like telling someone to do a Google search, rather than Yahoo one – if anyone even does that anymore – most people’s default setting for TV shows is to type into the search box.

Does this mean that Amazon is going to go the way of Yahoo when it comes to streaming, time will tell. – But it should be a stark warning to you too.

If you’re not taking the lead in your genre, top blog in your niche, or remembered for longer than three seconds after people have left your content, you’re in trouble.

Because there’s an author, blogger, or content creator out there that doesn’t have that problem. Because of that, they get the majority of the traffic and sales.

‘But Barry, I’m only new to this, there are people that have years of a head start on me? How can I make a name for myself?’

Start small and pick a narrow niche, or small genre, that you can dominate.

– If you’re writing romance books, you’re writing mail order bride books for a clean audience.

– If you’re creating picture books, you’re writing positive role model books for young girls.

– If you’re blogging on how to make money from home, you’re writing for older people that are looking to supplement their retirement, and not have to pack groceries forty hours a week.

Once you get noticed, and make a name for yourself, branch out a little further so you’re reaching a larger audience.

You might never reach the lofty heights of Netflix, but if people aren’t thinking of you as the first place to drop by….you’re always playing catch up.

And sometimes second place is as bad as not even being in the race. – Ask Amazon.

Here’s how to get the word out about you and your books.

PS – While Netflix might have the upper hand right now, we’ll wait and see if Stranger Things was worth the wait.

After the let down of Game Of Thrones, I’m not getting my hopes up.