Banana Bedlam!

…”I’m leaving you!”

I stood at the bottom of the stairs and watched Catherine storm up them. I knew better than to follow her. I also knew she’d have to come back my way.


Gripping the wooden knob of the banister, I listened to her scurry around the bedroom upstairs.

“Catherine, listen…..I didn’t mean anything by it.”

Heavy footsteps walked across the ceiling followed by a door slamming. A second later, she came charging down the stairs toward me.



“I said move!”

Standing in her path, I blocked her way past me.

“Listen…’re leaving me because I said you’d been buying too many bananas?”

She looked up at me, the first hint of smile coming to her face. She looked down at the case in her hand and grinned.

“There’s nothing in it.”

“Well thank God for that. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean anything by it, it’s just that I couldn’t eat them at the rate you’ve been taking home.”

Which was true. I’d almost come to the stage where I couldn’t stand looking at another banana.

“Yeah, but….you see….I’m sorry, it’s my hormones, they’re all over the place, since I got pregnant.”

…..cue the…I’m sorry/ no I’m sorry, making up conversation that a young couple make when they’ve got their first child on the way and both parties don’t think they’re up to the job.
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