Batman’s Gone, But Not Forgotten

…….as you’re probably aware, Adam West passed away a few months back.

I’ll be honest, although his Batman wasn’t my favourite version of the character, I did shed a tear when I saw how they honoured him by turning on the Bat signal.

By all accounts, he was one of the good ones that Hollywood tossed aside when it was finished with him.

His fans on the other hand had another plans for him. One of those was Ralf Garmen, who for five years, pushed and pushed to get Adam a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.

Eventually they relented and agreed that he should get one.

Adam said it didn’t matter if he never got one, but you could tell from photos that he was proud as punch that he got honored.

That’s what having fans on your side can do for you. No matter what you write or do, they’re always in your

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