Be A Better Bricklayer

…Will Smith tells a story about how his father knocked down a huge wall at his workshop.

Standing, looking at the 16 by 30 foot hole, his father told him that he wanted Will and his younger brother to replace it.

Although the boys didn’t know much about building, their father gave them a great piece of advice….’Make every brick you put down the best brick you can.’

Over the next 18 months, Will said that he and his brother worked for an hour after school each day, mixing cement by hand, and putting a few bricks in the wall.

In that time, the huge hole that had been there became a brick wall, one he thought they’d never finish.

That’s like many of us, we look at blogging and think, God I couldn’t write content for a year.

We look at starting a fiction book and the thought of writing 200, 300, 400 pages seems like an ordeal we’ll never be able to do.

We also think that coming up with a daily idea for an email is something that’s beyond us.

It’s not. Not if you take it one day at a time.

Big walls are built one brick at a time. Always has been, always will be.

You can try to do it without a foundation, throw up the bricks in a haphazard way, but you and I know that wall is gonna come down at one point.

It’ll never stand up against a strong wind and you’ll be left with a pile of rubble and back at square one.

So whatever you’ve got planned for the next week, month, year ahead, that’s not where you should be looking.

That huge gap between where you are and your end goal, may seem so big it’ll make you want to give up before you begin. So forget the wall.

Do today’s brick to the best of your ability and let the wall take care of itself. If you’ve been laying good bricks you’ll know that at one point it’ll be done… and done well.

Don’t make the mistake of looking at the limited progress you’re making…lack of web traffic…low book sales…or any other lack of results…you’ve still got more hole than wall at that point.

Just work on your next brick and do it to the best of your ability.

Although there’s many courses in WriteCome, bricklaying unfortunately isn’t one of them.

Maybe at one point I’ll do one, but until then, you’ll have to put up with fiction training, low content book training, and a host of other training that’ll help you with your wall building.

WriteCome…helping people lay good bricks since…since…since the very  beginning. 🙂  

PS – Now I’m off to buy a truckload of bricks for the kids, and drawing up the blueprints of my new mansion.