Be A Big Failer, Not A Big Failure

…that’s right, fail at as many things as you can. Why? Because it’s the opposite of what Joe Public does, and what the teachers in your little life told you to do.

They live by the following motto’s…

– Play it safe
– Don’t embarrass yourself
– If you don’t try you can’t fail

Here’s the thing, even at your lowest point and your biggest failure, you still come away with something.

Take for example when I lost my home 15 years ago.

Sitting in the car and looking at the For Sale sign now on my lawn, I felt like the biggest failure in the world.

As if on purpose, life through my 3 year old son Matthew, decided to twist the knife further.

‘I love this house. It’s the best ever.’

Not turning around, because I didn’t want him to see the tears in my eyes, I nodded and mumbled a ‘Me too.’

Today, looking back, I can see all the things that failure gave me.

– It gave me a burning desire that I’ll never get that low again.
– Once the house was gone, I realised that family is more important than bricks and mortar.
– It brought me to the home I live in now, that’s in a far better location than the other one was.
– I found out who I could rely on.
– It gave me a thicker skin to not care what other people think?

So take pride in all the things you’ve failed at. Even in failure you’re learning.

As Will Smith says fail forward. Fail in the directions of your goals and dreams.

Each time you fail, you’re a little bit further ahead than you were when you started.

It mightn’t seem that way, but that experience you gained means you’ve added something you can use in the future. Something to fire you up, or guide you in choosing a better path.

If you didn’t try you’d have learned nothing.

So celebrate your fails. Try to do things that are out of your reach. You learn nothing by reaching goals you already now how to get to.

Keep stumbling forward. Each step is going to get you where you want to be.

Places Joe Public never will.

You know where Joe Public is afraid to go?

That’s right, WriteCome.

Why because he’s afraid of doing stuff that opens him up to criticism and hard work.

And that’s why he’ll go to the grave dreaming of his seeing his books in print and it never happening.

And you think you’re a failer.

PS – You big failer, ya!

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