Be Aware Of Your Weaker Position

…”He who wants something is in the weaker position.” – The Rogue Hypnotist

If there’s anything that’s more off putting to see, it’s neediness.

Many years back, when I was young, single, and a little slow on the uptake, I discovered that there was a line you didn’t want to cross, when it came to asking a girl out for an dance at the local disco.

‘Would you like a dance?’


‘”Ah go on…”


“Just one…”


One or two requests beyond that, and you’d go from being someone with a little persistence, to being a major pain in the butt that no one wanted.

It also came across as being needy.  And as I discovered, if there’s anything a woman can’t stand to see, it’s a man with neediness.

None of us do.

But when the shoe is on the other foot, and you play a little aloof, you suddenly seem a better prospect. Not only that, but you’re in control of the situation.

You can take that person up on their request, or you can thank them for their time, but you’re not interested.

When it comes to selling your work or even yourself, you need to remember that you’re coming at your customer or prospect from a weaker position.

You need them, they don’t need you.

You need them to read your blog post, you need them to buy your fiction book, you need them to purchase your planner….they don’t need to do any of those things.

And the more you push them to do it, the less attractive you’re going to be.

So, how can you make people do things without being seen as being all needy.

Overcoming neediness like…

Pleading to get someone drop by your site, compared to, there’s a great free report over there that can help you. – Oh, and if you want the full solution to your problem…there’s a link to my course inside it.

Pleading to get someone to buy your product by knocking twenty bucks off, compared to, if you want this discount you’ve got to share this page with five other people to get it.

Throwing in a ‘thousand’ dollars of bonuses for a seven buck piece of software, compared to, if you don’t have seven bucks for this, then you’re in the wrong business mentality.

So the next time you get all….’I really need them to do this’…. ask yourself, am I going to come across as being all needy?

If so, how can I make it look like it was their decision to take that action?

Take the WriteCome membership site as an example. I’d be happy to sell you all of my products individually. So if anyone doesn’t want to join for a monthly fee…I’m still smiling.

Whether you buy through this link or not…I’m still a happy camper.

PS – It’s also never going to get any cheaper. My goal right now is to round it off to $97 a month. Which could happen at any time.