Be More Like Bruce

…the other night, I was playing around on Netflix and stumbled upon Bruce Springsteen’s new show, ‘Springsteen On Broadway.’

Now, while I’m not a die hard fan of the man, there are a few of his songs that I try my best to sing along to….when alone. 🙂

Anyway, listening to Bruce as he began his show, he opened up with a  comment that surprised me……….he admitted that he’s a fake.

How so?

Seems he never worked a 9-5 job, never slaved away in a factory, or host of other things that he sings about.

It’s all made up.

When writing those songs, he simply put himself in the shoes of those people and imagined what their lives were like. – And did it so well, his songs made a strong connection with that audience.

And so it is with those of you looking to write fiction.

You’ll probably never venture into space, go back in time, fight orcs, defuse a bomb, or run off with a millionaire, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t fake it.

Here’s an example…

“While reading this book,I could imagine everything happening flowing inside my head.I could just see everything moving in my mind.The characters felt like friends.And I was very upset when it was over. To me,it was like losing a pal.”

I’d hardly ever played Minecraft, knew very little about it’s world, but faked it so well that people fell in love with my characters.

And so it’s going to be for you.

If you can put yourself in your character’s shoes, and see the world through their eyes, you can write about places and people you’ll never go to, or be.

You can use this to do that. 

But you’ll need to hurry. It’s only going to be available until the 1st Jan, after that it’s going away to be replaced with a 2.0 version.

If you want the cheaper version, while it’s available, click here.

PS – Speaking of fakery, I’m not here right now. I’m most probably half in a chocolate coma by now, stretched out the coach, watching some Christmas movie I’ve seen a hundred times. 🙂

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