Because No One Remembers Normal

….in the 1980’s, Saturday’s with my gran involved watching a lot of wrestling. It also involved a lot of screaming at the TV.

There was the usual lineup of the good, the bad and the completely crazy.

While the good guys usually got the most applause and cheering. It was the complete crazy ones that stuck with you long after the show ended.

The fact that they didn’t look normal, went against the crowd and did things that you (as a eight year old boy) would love to do, made them stand out from the rest.

Normal is easy to forget.

Writing Harry Potter clones, sending the same emails to your readers as everyone else does, and being afraid of showing off your personality and quirkiness, means you’re putting yourself into the big bland ball of normality.

On the other hand, do the things others are afraid to do, or don’t do, means you stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

It worked for Lady Gaga.

Normal is bland, boring and can be easily replaced. Ask your readers.

Abnormal characters on the other hand, can stay a long time in your readers minds.

How can you do that?

I’m glad you asked – go here.

PS – “You know you’re a really boring person when someone steals your identity and then tries to give it back.”

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