Begosh And Begorrah, If It Isn’t Leprechaun Day Today

…a day where we celebrate the small folk.

Or to be more honest, something I found on and didn’t know was a real thing anywhere until now.

Which is surprising, seeing as one was supposedly found not far from where I live.

‘What?’ you say.

Yup, a local business man claimed that he’d heard a scream one day near a wishing well. And on racing over, found some bones, glasses,  and a little patch of scorched earth.

As you can imagine, the press were all over it. Where did it happen? What did you see? Have you seen any more?

And, would you believe it, he had answers to all of those questions.

Yep, there were more, 236 of them to be exact.

And had he proof?

Sure he had, didn’t he have a little glass display case, in his premises, with a tiny green suit inside in it.

Can you smell the B.S?

But he ran with that tale for years. Any chance he had, he told the same story. And once it gathered traction, tourists started dropping by Carlingford to see the little green suit.

That turned into a yearly Leprechaun hunt – at 5 euros a pop – where families can hunt down little statues hidden in the hillside.

Which then turned into the EU giving the ‘little folk’ heritage status, meaning they live in a protected sanctuary in the Carlingford mountains.

Nice, right?

And the lessons to be learned here.

– Copying everyone else means you don’t stand out.

I’m sure there were other towns that would love the tourism that Carlingford gets, but just copied what everyone else was doing and got the same lousy results.

– If you’ve got everyone’s attention, make sure it’s you that’s getting all the traffic.

You can store your little glass case on Facebook or YouTube’s page, but remember you aren’t in control of those premises. – Always be inviting back to your place.

– You don’t need to think ‘complicated’ to come up with a money making idea.

Like those few ceramic statues on a hillside, one of the best ideas I ever had, was showing people how to create money making content from stuff that was already littering up their hard drive.

That’s what I did yesterday.

A little spit-polish on Instagram posts I made months ago, became the desktop wallpapers you saw on the site.

How did I do all that? – It’s right here.

PS – Or you could just start a wild rumor that Big Foot’s living at the bottom of the garden, and see if you can sell some books that way.

Anything’s possible!