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Being A DJ Won’t Help You Sell More Books

…I think I’m slowly becoming my father.

He was a big listener to the radio. Being a truck driver and driving hundreds of miles each week, I suppose it was his only company.

I must have picked up the bug from him.

Lately, I can’t help turning it on when I’m in the house alone.  Not that I’m scared of being “home alone,” but it’s nice having another human talking in the background, even if I’m not listening to it.

When I do, I can’t help noticing how bland most of them are. You could them put them on different shows and I’d never notice the difference.

They also fear losing listeners.

One, the other day, thanked a listener for texting in, even though the texter had pulled them up for a small thing they’d said.

If the DJ had told him to take a running jump, he would have had more of my respect.

And more from his audience too.

But, he didn’t.

Most authors are like that nowadays, trying to sell their books to everyone, and afraid of pissing someone off.

Not everyone’s your audience.

Not everyone’s going to like you.

And even if you rescued a cat from a burning building, someone would still think you were a prat.

The less you pay attention to that crap, the more respect people will have for you.

Plus, the happier you’ll be.

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