Better Questions = Better Results

…”What shapes our lives are the questions we ask, refuse to ask, or never think to ask.” – Sam Keen.

Anyone that’s ever watched a gripping movie, or read a piece of good fiction, will know that the hero usually goes from one disaster to another until they reach the mother of all situations. – One where it looks like it’s lights out for them.

Watching, or reading the piece, you’re probably asking yourself how they’ll get out of it? – Something the writer had to work out when they put it together.

I know I had that problem with my own fiction writing.

Hoping to have my reader biting their nails as they went through the piece, I sometimes wrote myself into situations I thought I could never write myself out of.

Like James Bond strapped to the table, watching the lazer heading toward his family jewels, I’d look at the page and panic, thinking it was impossible to escape from.

Thing is, I always managed a way out of it.

How? By simply asking myself the same question…’How can I get out of this?’….and not giving up until I got an answer.

Here’s the thing….your brain loves being asked questions. – Ask better questions and you’ll get better answers.

Ask yourself why you’re stupid and can’t make money online and your noggin will give you plenty of reasons for that.

However…..ask yourself how you can make $10 dollars a day online, and you’ll start to find money making ideas come to you. – If you stick to asking that question and don’t let your brain off the hook.

Most people however, are too lazy to question themselves until they get answer. They either ask someone else – that hasn’t got clue/doesn’t think – or pay for someone else’s solution to their problem.

Now, if your question muscle is weak, start with something small and work from there.

– How can you make an extra $1 a day in your business?
– How can you speed up your writing by 1%?
– How can you add one new subscriber to your list today?

Once you do, start asking bigger questions for bigger and better answers.

How can I make $10, write 50% faster, add 1000 subscribers?

Better questions equals better results.

Oh, and if you’d like to know how I got out of those plotting problems, I used this.

PS – I got so good at it I wrote 17 books around the same three characters. – Something I’m still very proud of doing.

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