Beware Of Eye-Servants

…I think we’ve all worked with one at one stage of our working lives.

They’re the type of people that work only when the boss is passing by. – Once they’re gone, it’s back to laying around until the next time the boss passes by.

Social media is full of that nowadays.

Once eyeballs are on them, they’re winning, killing it, and it’s all hustle, hustle, hustle.

Not seeing them for what they are, the naive think that that’s what they’re like 24/7.

Nope. – The reality me knows is much different.

It’s what goes on when no one’s looking is what you’re going to be remembered for.

It’s those long butt in the seat, not being able to watch TV, or God I’m never going to finish this, times that you need to get through. – Those are the ones that build real businesses that pay off for years to come.

That’s something an eye servant will never know.

But…..just because you’re working hard, that doesn’t mean that you’ve got to do it all yourself. – You can farm that out to people that are better than you are.

Take your fiction writing.

There’s lot of writers looking to work from home, and you could be hiring one.


– How do you know the good from the bad?
– How can you make sure that you get the exact book you want done….done right, first time?
– How can you make writers fall over themselves to want to work for you?
– How can you get your book written faster than you though possible?

It would be lovely if you could find all that out, and maybe watch over  someone’s shoulder and see it done from start to finish…..heck, maybe even read the completed book.

If only….

Oh, wait….silly me, here it is. 

PS – Eye servants on social media also have a tendency to jump from one thing to another. That way when they’re lack of progress is called out, they can blame it on something or other.

They’d also complain about the link being a PayPal one, and the price above. – Because….’excuses.’

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