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Beware Of Kicking Strange Footballs

….Picture the scene.

A crowd of kids are waving to you to kick their football back.

You nod and smile and kick their soccer ball back in their direction.

You walk away with a smile, thinking you’ve done something good.

Now picture the same scene, but someone has put a rock in said football.


Sad, but it happens. I heard of a man that did it, and broke a few toes in the process.

That’s a lot like the recent emails I’ve been getting lately.

“This is the best social media software ever!”

And you go get it.

“This is the best social media software ever!”

And you go get it.

Like breaking your toes on stone filled balls, you’re duped into giving the next one a kick hoping it’s the real deal.

Stop kicking stone filled balls.

I’m sure your toes and wallet will thank you for it.

12 Surefire Ways To Sell More Books

You’re welcome.

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