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Beware Of Speeding Nuns

….that helpful advice was given to me by my father, after a road traffic accident where he had to help one from her smashed car.

Heading toward him, faster than she should have been going, she came to the top of a hill, got blinded by the sun and lost control of her car.

My father said that she pinballed on the road in front of him, hitting two gate posts on the way to smashing into the passenger side of his truck.

Being self-employed, and wanting to get back on the road, he paid for the smashed parts out of his own pocket while he waited for the insurance claim to go through.

A week later…

A van smashed into the exact same side and undid everything he’d done. Again, the other drivers fault.

I laugh at it now, but at the time he was pissed. Everything he’d done and all for nothing.

It can be like that with books. Your first book tanks, maybe the second, and you just want to give up.

Most people never try anything more than two times before giving up.

The people that make it on their first attempt are rarer than unicorns.

When I look at my earlier books I’m glad no one read them, because to be honest they sucked – big time.

And you should be too.

You want to hit the mass market with something good, then you’ll be rewarded for it.

If you’ve given up on creating books using either my picture book or workbook
, get back in the game and try again.

They say three is the magic number.

Maybe that’ll be the point where you see some success.

But wherever it is, you’ll never know if you don’t stay in the game.

PS – I don’t know if Jesus was behind the wheel that day, but even he couldn’t help her that day.

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