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Blog Comments Examples – Why Your Blog Comments Suck

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There’s one thing that both annoys and bewilders me, and that’s blog comments. For the last few days I’ve been inundated with blog comments that just totally boggle me. I can understand why somebody would do a blog comment (in exchange for a link back to their website or whatever product they’re promoting), but come on, put some thought into it.

For the majority of blog comments, I’d probably say 99% of those comments, they just go straight into the trash bin. Whatever effort that person made, (if they made any effort at all, other than loading up a spam commenting software and hitting numerous blogs at the same time), is now as useful and as worthwhile doing as those Nigerian emails that hit your spam folder every day.  So why bother doing it?

Of course you may be successful, if somebody has their blog comments turned on and auto approved, you may probably get that link back, but when you think about it, are those the kind of blogs that you want to be linked to?  Do they honestly think that Google is going to look at those back-links and say, ‘You know what, I think this person deserves to move further up the search engine ranking because of these places that are linking to them?’

N-o .

And you know something else? Neither do I. Here’s my four Golden Rules to getting a blog comment approved on my blog.

1 – Know Something About The Blog You’re Posting To –  If you’re an idiot that puts a blog comment on my blog, that’s got nothing to do with writing, blogging, or self publishing, forget about it.  So for those who mention products, websites, and other topics, that have totally nothing to do with my blog, I’m telling you now, your comment is going straight into the trash bin.

2 – Expecting A Link To Something Unrelated To Your Blog – This is another one that  bewilders me. The other day I got a short comment with a link that lead to a website that was selling penis spray.  

Now if my blog was on a topic related to that, then yeah,  you probably would find people that would go back through that link to find out more about that website. But my blog’s about writing and self publishing. So why would anybody go through that link to find out more about penis spray?

3 – Are 3 Words In Length – If I was looking for someone to stroke my ego, well then maybe I would fall for the odd ‘Great post, thanks’ comment that idiots post every day and expect a link back.  I mean come on! Is that the best you can do? Is that the best you can add to the conversation?

For example, imagine someone did that at a dinner party. Stuck their head into a conversation and said, ‘Yeah that’s a good conversation’ and walked off. What would be your thought of that person? Dimwit? An idiot? Or would you just call security and have them tossed out?  Well, for anyone posting a comment with those three words in it, you’re going straight into the trash can.

4 – Tell You What A Great Article You’ve Written By Don’t Say Why –  Like the last idiot, in the previous point, we also get the other idiot that tells you that you’ve written the most amazing and magnificent post they ever read, and it’s made such a big difference in their life, but they don’t tell you what part of it did it for them. In essence, they haven’t read your post.  

Again this ego stroking comment,  just proves that the person in question has just loaded up a piece of software and posted the same drivel to you and everyone else. So again, you won’t be getting a link back from my blog.

Even as I’m writing this post, I know in the days, weeks, and months ahead, I’m still going to be inundated with the usual spam comments that these people think are going to work for them. What can I say? The idiots will always be a idiots.  

And there will be idiots who will try to post the same brain-dead comments below this post too.

Sometimes I wish being stupid was painful. 🙂

1 thought on “Blog Comments Examples – Why Your Blog Comments Suck”

  1. Hi Barry,

    I agree with all of this on the lack-luster words that many of us bring to blog commenting. For me, I believe that before I comment I have to think about what needs to be said, so on many occasions, I don’t comment, and that may leave the blogger feeling that they aren’t reaching us his audience, when in fact he/she is. I also see the need for the reader to comment on wonderful posts to keep the great information coming. Sometimes, it may be laziness on the part of the person commenting, or as you state above just brain dead. And I also believe that many times folks are inundated with overload that they just don’t take the time to do it properly. We do need to make a more concerted effort to leave detailed comments about information leading us to better ways of doing things. Thanks for putting this out there. It was needed.

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