Welcome To Book Cover Mockups

How This Works...

As a member of WriteCome you now receive 5 exclusive book mockups for each book cover you submit to me.

To make this service fair to every member of WriteCome, we will only process one cover per order. - (One book cover = 5 mockups of that book cover.)

If you have multiple books you'd like done, you will need to submit them one at a time. This is to make it fair on everyone, and to have some control over who gets what book cover when.

So, for example....if you submit your book cover, you can't request another book to be done until you receive the mockups for your first book.

How Do I Order My Mockups?

To make this as easy as possible, please read the following steps. Not doing so may mean that your book cover doesn't get done as soon as.

Simply send an email to barryjmcdonald@gmail.com with...

1 - Your book cover attached.

2 - A return email address.

3 - Please use "Book Cover Mockup" in the email's subject line.

Again, this is one cover per email.

PLEASE NOTE - This service can be taken down at any time. - This is a perk of being an Inner member. Anyone abusing it, or just being a pain in the ass, won't have this option available to them for very long. :)

Now, here's a sample of what you'll receive in your order.

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