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Book Ideas – How To Test Your Book Idea In 3 Seconds

Book Ideas - How To Know In 3 Seconds If Anyone Wants Your Book

Book Ideas – How To Test Your Book Idea In 3 Seconds

There’s one thing about self publishing that’s never going to change…and that is…it’s always going to change.

What worked this week, mightn’t work next week.

What worked today mightn’t work tomorrow.

But there’s one thing that’s never ever going to change…

….if you know what people are searching for…and in what quantity…you’ve got a fair idea if your book ideas are going to be a hit or a miss before you even start.

When I started out, I’m embarrassed to say how much time I spent creating books that dropped faster than a rock, tied to an even larger rock, through the Amazon store.

All that hours I wasted making something that no one wanted. That’s time you never get back, right?

This lead me on a long and sometimes expensive search looking for solutions to my book ideas problem.

Thankfully you don’t have to waste your time or cash hunting down that information.

Because I have it here.

3 second keyword research

PS – It’s also brain dead simple….because me….I like simple.

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