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…if there’s one that I’m always doing it’s looking outside the self publishing world for ideas for products and book promotion.

One example is something I discovered while reading Bernadette Jiwa’s great book ‘The Right Story.”

In it she talks about a baker friend of hers that was considering purchasing a $3000 advertisement in an upper class magazine.

‘Should I do it?’ he asked her.

‘How could you spend that three thousand dollars on your business that would benefit your customers?’ She replied.

Left with that thought, he came up with the idea of giving away a basket of free bread every week.

Nothing new here, we’ve all seen those freebie giveaways, but this idea was different.

Inside of him giving the basket away, one of the customers had to nominate a friend that they wanted the basket to go to.

Genius, right?

Not only did he get the good feels from giving the basket away, but the customer got them too by nominating a friend and having them win it.

He took it further by setting up a friends wall, featuring photos of both parties with the bread basket.

Now, let me ask you….

Think maybe the winner told all their friends about their win?

Think many new people came to check out the bakery?

It’s almost certain that both things happened.

And there’s no reason why you can’t do the same with your book, courses, or products.

At the back of your book you could have a link where the reader can get the book they’ve just read sent to a friend free of charge.

They get good feels….and you get your book in front of new readers…who can then pass that same book onto another wider circle of readers.

And on and on it goes.

Sure, not everyone is going to buy any or all of your books, but what if you collected the email address of all the referred friends?

Think maybe a few emails over the next few days might be of help?

All you have to do is put into into action.

Another way to get in front of new people is with your own podcast. It’s difficulty puts most people off, but it’s a lot easier than you think.

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