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Break The Habit Of Being Yourself

Break The Habit Of Being Yourself
Break The Habit Of Being Yourself

…when I was growing up, there was one thing I loved watching my mother do.

And that was popping the jelly out of my favorite rabbit-shaped jelly mold.

I know, innocent times or what?

But watching that little rabbit, as it came farting and slurping out of that case made my day.

Left on my own with it, I used to turn the plate and study all the little details on the surface of the jelly.

Again, innocent child, or what?

But each time she made jelly with that mold it always came out rabbit-shaped.

Never teddy bear, snowman, or anything else I might have wanted. – 100% of the time a rabbit popped out.

And that’s the same with you.

You can’t force a result out of the version you are.

You might want to write books.

You might want to build an audience.

You might want a line of digital products.

But the version of you won’t allow it or think that it’s possible.

How do you change?

Start breaking the habit of being you.

It might take time, or you might only change a little at a time.

But you’ll always get a rabbit from a rabbit-shaped jelly mold.

Strange as it may seem, there once was a time when I didn’t write emails.

It terrified me.

I didn’t know what to write about.

And how could I do it regularly when so few do.

But here we are.

If you want to add email to your skillset there’s a link below.

Heck, I’ll even help you write your first ten emails.

But come sunrise on Monday, that free bonus will disappear faster than jelly at a kids’ party. 

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