Breaking Church Windows

….I’m never one to turn down a challenge, which as you probably know by now….doesn’t always go to plan.

Let’s turn the clock away back to primary school, the late 1970’s, and a group of boys standing in front of the local church….

“Go on, kick it harder!”

We all watched the ball roll just short of the highest point of the church roof and come rolling back down.

It bounced to the ground and was handed to me.

I don’t like to brag, but out of the whole class I was the tallest, and had a good thumping right foot.

“You want it higher?” I teased the crowd.

“Watch this!” I blasted the football.

We all watched the ball as it went far short of the rooftop and went straight through one of the churches stained glass windows.

As you’d expect, nobody was interested in playing the game anymore and I was left standing on my own.

Cue…a lot of crying and “I didn’t mean it” repeated to everyone in earshot.

Well, I’ve got over that day and God and I are back on talking terms.

But I’m still up to the same odd challenge now and then.

One of those is coming up with email ideas, which involves coming up with daily ideas.

You can find out what I do to get my ideas here.

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