Bruce Lee’s Boring Rule Is The Secret To Your Success

…Bruce Lee said one time that he didn’t fear the man that knew 10,000 moves.

He feared the man that practised one move, 10,000 times.


Because if he hit him, it was over. We’ve all seen many boxing matches end that way.

Thing is, learning how to punch, gets boring after a while, and it’s not something you’re going to brag about at the local bar.

On the other hand, if you knew one of those high spinning kicks, the one that get’s everyone’s attention, now that would be worth learning, right?

Wrong. Because once you knew how to do it, your little monkey mind would want to jump onto the next bigger kick, the next bigger throw, and by the end you’d have a collection of moves that you half knew how to do.

And it’s not only martial arts where this happens. It’s rampant.

People buy the latest Facebook software, and yet haven’t master the art of writing a post there everyday.

People look for the most expensive fiction coach they can find, and yet haven’t the patience to write out a good piece of fiction by hand every day.

People look for that instant 10,000 mailing list, and yet haven’t mastered the art of writing one email a day.

People who spend a fortune on time management books, but haven’t mastered the art of saying ‘No’ to people who want to waste their time.

Add in the Law of Familiarity – that we start to ignore the people and things that are familiar to us – and all of the above is seen as boring and not worth doing.

‘Give me something complicated,’ you say. ‘Something that’s going to cost me a fortune. – Not this wax on, wax off, Daniel son, bull crap.’

Yeah, the fundamentals are boring. And I’m sure Michael Jordan was bored to tears with all the thousands of throws he practised every day.

But I’d say, he’s glad he did them. I’d also say his competition hated him for it.

So the next time, someone tries to sell you on the next high kicking product. Ask yourself, ‘Do I need this, or wouldn’t I be better just sticking with the fundamentals?’

Chances are, the guy selling you the stuff, doesn’t even know how to throw a punch.

You know what else is boring?

Writing one email and reworking it into as many different versions every s-i-n-g-l-e day.

You know that podcast…the one that I started a few day’s ago?

It’s coming up on it’s 10th episode today.

All from working the plan.

Clever Content Creation

PS – Driver’s license never  replace eye, ear and brain – Mr Miyagi – Karate Kid