Building A Successful Online Business: Putting The Horse Before the Cart

Starting an online business can be an exciting endeavor. The promise of financial freedom, flexibility, and the chance to pursue your passion is undoubtedly alluring. However, as with any entrepreneurial journey, there are common pitfalls that many budding online entrepreneurs fall into. One of the most common mistakes is putting the cart before the horse, as the saying goes.

In a thought-provoking video transcript I recently came across, the speaker aptly compares the process of starting an online business to buying a cart for a horse when you don’t even have a horse to pull it. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the valuable insights shared in that video and explore how to build a successful online business by focusing on the essentials.

1. Start with the Horse: Know Your Customers

The crux of the matter is that many online business owners begin with the end product, such as creating an eBook, launching a digital course, or offering coaching services, without a clear understanding of where their customers will come from. This is akin to having a cart that’s too big for a Shetland pony – it’s just not a practical fit.

To build a sustainable and thriving online business, the first step is to focus on the “horse” of your venture – your customers. Take the time to deeply understand your target audience. What are their problems? What do they need help with? What are they searching for online? In short, what does your customer want?

2. Avoid Assumptions: Research Your Audience

It’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming what your customers want. You might create a digital product or start promoting an affiliate product based on your own perception of the customer’s needs, only to discover that you were way off the mark. To avoid this, invest in thorough market research and engage with your potential customers. This way, you can be sure that you’re developing a product or service that genuinely addresses their needs.

3. Building the Right Cart

Once you’ve thoroughly identified your customer’s needs and preferences, you can now create the right “cart” – your product or service. This process becomes far more effective because you know precisely what your “horse” (your customers) needs, and you can build your business accordingly.

4. Going in the Right Direction

Focusing on your customers, their problems, and their desires ensures that you’re heading in the right direction. Your online business becomes more customer-centric, which is a key to long-term success. When your products and services align with the needs of your audience, you’re more likely to gain loyal customers who will not only purchase from you but also become advocates for your brand.

5. A Final Thought

The lesson from the video transcript is clear: don’t rush to create your online business’s end product. Instead, start by understanding your customers and their needs. By doing so, you’ll ensure that your business is well-equipped to succeed, and you’ll be confident that your “cart” perfectly matches your “horse.”

Building a successful online business requires putting the horse before the cart. Take the time to truly know your customers, their needs, and their problems. Only then should you create your products and services. By following this principle, you’ll set your business on the right path for long-term growth and success.