Building Your Online Business: Start With The Picture First

Building Your Online Business: Start With The Picture First
Building Your Online Business: Start With The Picture First

Life can often feel like working on a jigsaw puzzle without the box – a collection of scattered pieces with no clear idea of the complete picture. Many of us navigate through life by piecing together bits here and there, trying to force things together without a clear direction. But what if we approached life differently? What if we started with the picture first and then worked our way backwards to assemble the puzzle of our lives? In this blog post, we will explore the concept of starting with a vision and how this approach can lead to a more focused, purposeful, and successful life.

The Jigsaw Puzzle Analogy

Imagine working on a jigsaw puzzle without knowing what the final image should look like. It can be frustrating, aimless, and disheartening. Similarly, many people go through life without a clear vision of their desired outcome. They wander from one activity to another, unsure of what they truly want or where they’re heading.

Starting with the Picture

Instead of haphazardly assembling the puzzle of our lives, we should begin with a clear picture in mind. This means defining our goals, dreams, and aspirations – knowing what we want our lives to look like in the future. Just like starting with the edges and working toward the center in a jigsaw puzzle, a clear vision provides us with a framework for building a meaningful life.

The Power of Vision

Successful individuals have understood the power of having a vision for centuries. It’s not about following specific goal-setting techniques or affirmations; it’s about creating a vivid mental image of the desired outcome. A strong and detailed vision serves as a guiding light, directing our choices and actions toward that ultimate picture.

Case in Point

Earl Nightingale’s story of the man who turned his life around by envisioning success while sleeping on a park bench exemplifies the power of starting with the picture. This man’s vision provided him with the motivation and direction to transform his circumstances and achieve his goals.

Working Backwards for Success

Working backwards from the vision enables us to filter out distractions and focus on the activities and choices that align with our goals. With a clear picture in mind, we can make intentional decisions that contribute to the bigger picture of our lives.

The Power of Your Brain

Our brains are incredible problem solvers. When we present them with a well-defined vision, they instinctively seek ways to make that vision a reality. By feeding our minds with the right picture, we activate our brain’s potential to find the pieces that fit into that vision.

Building your life the right way around means starting with the picture – having a clear vision of what you want to achieve and who you want to become. Without a vision, life can feel like assembling a puzzle without the box – aimless and confusing. So take the time to dream, create your picture, and let it guide you in making choices and decisions that bring that vision to life. By embracing the power of a vision, you’ll find yourself building a life that reflects your deepest desires and aspirations. Now, go ahead and create that picture of yours – your roadmap to a purposeful and fulfilling life.

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