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Business Advice From Long John Silver

Business Advice From Long John Silver
Business Advice From Long John Silver

…last year, I devoured the ‘Black Sails’ TV show.

If you don’t know what it’s about, it’s the prequel to the book Treasure Island and how the pirate Long John Silver came about.

Now, I wouldn’t have thought of myself as a pirate fan, but I couldn’t get enough of it.

Thankfully, we got the full story arc, and it didn’t stop after series one.


…in one episode, Long John Silver said something that’s still stuck with me.

‘Without this crew, I’m just a cripple.’

Most people online would benefit from that advice.

Take away their Twitter account and they’re gone.

Take away their Instagram account and they vanish into obscurity.

Take away their Amazon privileges to sell there and it’s ‘turn the lights off on the way out.’

When you’re in that situation it’s not fun.

I’ve been there, and wore the t-shirt. – I once had a competitor report me for a fake copyright issue and Amazon showed me the door.

While you can’t prevent any of the above happening, there is one thing you can do about it.

Make yourself into a celebrity.

“Yeah, right!” you’re thinking. “Me, a celebrity?”


That means being your own best self-promoter.

Because let’s face it, if there’s one person in the world that should be ‘bigging’ you up, it should be you.

That means when someone thinks of your niche, you should be the one that comes to mind.

And if your niche is tiny, it’s not very hard to take that top position.

Also, give yourself a title.

Because titles, even self-given ones, will lift you above the crowd.

You’re ‘America’s Best Labrador Trainer.’

You’re ‘The Etsy T-Shirt Expert.’

You’re ‘The German Home Brew Master.’

Most people won’t do it, because they feel that you can only use those that are given them after they receive a certificate.

You don’t, you can appoint yourself any title you want.

The funny thing about celebrities, even the brain-dead ones, they always take home more cash than the average person.

That’s the power of being a celebrity.

And as for Long John Silver, even though he doubted himself, I’m sure his name would have made many a man think twice before they messed with him. – Crew or no crew.

‘Everyone is a monster to someone.’ – Captain Flint. (Black Sails)

While you don’t have to be a monster to be remembered.

‘Everyone can be a celebrity to someone.’

It’s just up to you to do it.

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