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Business Advice From SpongeBob

“Happy Opposite Day, Squidward! We hate you!” – SpongeBob SquarePants.

My son, Finn, is a big fan of SpongeBob.

And I’ll be honest, being the big kid that I am, I’ve been known to sit with him and watch a few episodes….even if I’ve seen them before.

One that always sticks with me is ‘Opposite Day.’

As the name, and quote above suggest, SpongeBob (unknowingly fooled by Squidward) believes that Opposite day is a genuine holiday and starts the day by telling his best friend Patrick that he hates his guts and never wants to see
him ever again.

As you’d expect, by the end of the episode, it doesn’t end well for Squidward and the whole deal backfires
on him.

Now what brings this up, is that I’m reading a thought provoking book at the moment called ‘Book The Business – How To Make Money With Your Book Without Selling A Single Copy.’

Which to me, is ‘Opposite Day’ thinking.

An author has to make money by selling books, right? – I mean everyone knows that.

‘Always been that way,’ people say, and yet the opposite is also true. – I’m only part way through the book and I can see how it can be done. 

And yet, not many people look at the opposite of what’s been done. – Because if everyone’s doing it then it must be the best way to go, right?

Nope. – If you’re following where the herd’s going, don’t be surprised if there’s very little grazing space when you get there.

But sit for a while, and question things, and you might find an idea not many have used. – I did that a few years back, and turned a picture book into a puzzle book app. – One that was downloaded 2,000 times. (Probably not something many would have thought of doing but there you go.)

And it’s not just business ideas. Look at what actions you’re doing right now and where they’re taking you.
– If you’re headed in the wrong direction a 180 degree turn might be just what you need.

Opposite ways can also be easier too, just like my Super Simple Coloring Books was. Who knew you could create one just by typing on your keyboard?

If Squidward were here, he’d tell you that whatever you do, don’t click this link here. – Because making coloring books is oh so hard to do. 

And if this way Opposite Day, I’d tell ya to get your ugly mug outta here and don’t come back.

….bet you’re glad it not.  🙂 

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