‘Can Anyone Do Their Job Properly Around Here?’

…turning onto the dual carriageway today, my eye caught two damp collarless dogs sitting by the edge of the road.

Unable to stop, and having to catch up with the moving traffic, I looked back in the mirror and watched them sitting still on the grass verge.

Catherine, who’s a bigger dog lover than I am, turned and looked back after us.

‘Who owns them?’

‘How did they get there?’

‘Did they have a collar on them.’

I hadn’t have an answer for her, but seeing them as I drove by, my first instinct was that they had been abandoned.

Now, I don’t know if there’s anything that can set you off into a flying rage? But for me it’s animal cruelty.

I’d gladly do time to save an animal from cruelty.

‘We’ve got to tell someone,’ I told Catherine. ‘Police or somebody. Because if they step out into the traffic…
there’s going to be a pile up.’

We hadn’t the number for the local police station, so we went to the next best place, the local animal shelter.

Watching Catherine walk out the door ten minutes later, I could tell from her body language that she hadn’t had any success.

‘They’re going to ring the dog warden.’

Knowing how useless the dog warden in our area is, my hopes weren’t high.

‘Can anyone do their job properly?’

How many of us have ever said that?

We get poor treatment in a store.

Are faced with a grumpy waitress in a restaurant.

Or ask someone on the phone to do a simple job for you, but it’s not in their job description.

It’s little wonder that when you do a good job, that you stand out from the crowd.

Because let’s face, most people don’t want to do their job, or just can’t do it properly.

Sometimes it’s doing more than you’re paid for. Or showing up when you don’t want to.

The more you take your job seriously, the more you separate yourself from the crowd.

This year’s closing soon, and next year’s going to go the same way if you’re not taking your business seriously.

So when I asked yesterday if anyone wanted to join an accountability group, I didn’t expect a huge turnout.

I got three people get back to me.


There’s a reason that the top of the mountain isn’t a busy place.

The bottom though….that’s crowded.

Nobody makes money at the bottom of the mountain, and the view is a lot to be desired.

Nobody’s gonna carry you to the top either.


Barry J McDonald.

PS – To finish the doggie story. When I got back to the place the dogs were, they were gone. Where they went to, I don’t know…but I hope they met someone that takes their job seriously and got help.