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“How To Create Your Own Amazing Romance Book Covers Without Relying On Photoshop Or Other Complicated Software?"

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Let's be honest here, if you've ever tried to create your own book covers and it didn't end well it's probably not your fault.

I Expect You Got Your Hands On A Copy Of Photoshop And Gave Up In Frustration At How Complicated It Is.

You may have followed outdated advice or been led to believe that if you want to create a great book cover you need to know your way around Photoshop.

Much of the time this comes from people who've put in the hours with the software and know all it's bells and whistles.

But let's face it, you're a author.

When your main occupation is getting words down on paper, or on a screen, time spend away from doing that isn't making your money.

Maybe You've Listened To
The Following Advice In The Past.

- There's no way an author should be creating their own book covers.

- If you want a book cover, hire someone to create it for you.

- Most people don't know what a good book cover looks like.

- If you want a good cover be prepared to pay for it.

Here's The Truth - That Advice Is NOT For Everyone

While all of those may be true...some more than others...most self published authors don't have the budget or the time.

For example, if you're one of those authors that's churning out a series of short reads, the last thing you want is to be held back because you're waiting on book covers, or not having the budget to pay for them all.

Sure it pays, if you've relying on that 600 page, six month novel of yours paying off.

But when you're releasing a 10, 20, or 50 page short story every few day's those arguements don't stand up.

Instead You've Got To Approach
It From A DIFFERENT Angle.

What might suprise you is that making a good or amazing book cover is remarkably easy.

You just need to make a few changes in the way you think and how you operate.

And because everyone else if using the more complicated and expensive route you're going to have a natural advantage.

Book cover design is NOT about sitting down for hours fumbling along wondering what to create.

It's about seeing what's already out there, copying what others are doing, and doing it with the least amount of technical fuss.

The myth of what book cover creation is has been repeated over and over for so long that most authors are confused and think it's something they can't do.

Nothing could be further from the truth.


Canva Cover Creations

In this one stop solution for romance authors you’re about to learn…
  • How to create great book covers using one of the easiest image editing software online.
  • Where to find the cheapest model images for your romance cover novels.....so your book covers look as good as the pros do.
  • Why you don't have to be unique with your book cover, and why it can harm for book sales if you do.
  • Why the font you choose can make or break your book cover. .....I show you why....and how to find the perfect fonts for your romance book.
  • How to go from a blank canvas all the way up to a finished book cover. ....I even break down my font choice, background image, leaving nothing out.
  • And much, much, more...

Seem To Good To Be True?

Before I came upon this great way of creating book covers, I would have agreed with you.

Now that I've worked out how to do it.... part of me still can't believe how easy it is.

And when I say easy.... it's a lot easier and faster than learning Photoshop or Gimp.

Here's two book covers I created using the techniques and resources I show in this 8 part video series.
The IrishRunaway

What You Won't Have To Do

What might surprise you is that both of those book covers were created using Canva, which is remarkably easy to use.

From this point on here's what you won't have to do...

Spend hours creating your book covers, or waiting for your outsourcer to get back to you.

Go through the hassle and expense of creating multiple book covers for testing - because you can quickly run up your own A/B test images yourself.

Worry that your covers are standing out for the wrong reasons.

Right Now You've A Choice..

....leave this page and keep doing what you're doing and hope your romance book sales magically increase.

Or pick up your copy of 'Canva Cover Creations.'

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Bonus - How To Create 3D Book Images For FREE

In this bonus video I'll show you can take your flat canva book cover and transform it into a 3D version, which is perfect for any banner or web advertising you want to do.
Barry J McDonald

PS - You can keep doing what you're doing... or you could try something different. It’s your choice. But if you want...

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* 'Canva Cover Creations' - Is Not Linked To, Or Is A Product Of Canva.com - It's name is only used for reference purposes. All book cover image editing in the videos is done on the Canva website. - A site I recommend everyone to use.