Advice For Those With The Attention Span Of A Housefly…

Advice For Those With The Attention Span Of A Housefly...
…ever notice the head banging of a fly trying to escape to freedom?

It goes on and on…each attempt hoping that a bigger smack will get it there.

But it never happens.

As an onlooker, you wonder why it doesn’t try a new route for escape.

But no. It’ll keep doing it until it dies of exhaustion or starvation.

Imagine doing that?

Doing the same thing over and over again hoping that this time it’ll work out for you?

But it doesn’t.

It’s like expecting to make a chocolate cake, but all the ingredients you’ve used are for making a trifle.

Doesn’t matter how many times you put them together, it’s a trifle every time.

I’d like to think you’ve got a higher intelligence than a house fly.

But your actions might say otherwise.

Your purchases might say otherwise.

The people you listen to might say otherwise.

You can hammer that head of yours off the glass for an eternity but you won’t break it.

You need to look for another route.

You need to stop and look at what you’re doing or not doing.

Because if it didn’t work out last week, last month, last year, it’s not going to work out tomorrow either.

You’re pushing on a closed door.

You’re better than a house fly, stop acting like one.

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