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You Can’t Gain More Hours In Your Day…

You Can't Gain More Hours In Your Day...
You Can’t Gain More Hours In Your Day…

…but you can work smarter.

I hardly watch the news anymore, but whenever it does catch my eye, it’s usually about the financial situation and how everyone’s going to be living in cardboard boxes soon.

And you can be guaranteed that they’ll wheel someone out who’s got a crappy job, is way underpaid, and hasn’t got the money to turn on the kettle for a cup of tea.

Now, I do feel for those folks. – It must be really shitty not seeing a way out of where they are.

And then I think about what I know, and that’s how to make and sell stuff that doesn’t require me to be there to sell it.

For those folks…. all they see is that they need to work more hours to make more money.

The problem is, there’s a limit to that.  – 24 hours is as far as you can go.

But if you can multiply yourself…. that’s a whole different ball game.

Now you’re not limited by the hours on the clock, but by how many times you multiply yourself…. which is pretty unlimited.

Back when I wrote fiction and saw it in action, it blew my mind.

That’s why I harp on and on about creating something once and reselling it over and over again.

It’s the smartest thing you can do.

Here’s the easiest way to get started. 

So instead of thinking of ‘how to work more hours in your day,’ a better use of your time would be, ‘how can I duplicate myself?’

That’s where the money and freedom are.

Stop Being A Mime Artist With Your Business

Stop Being A Mime Artist With Your Business
Stop Being A Mime Artist With Your Business

…I see from Google, that today is Marcel Marceau’s birthday… so I thought we’d run with a mime theme today.

Firstly, out the gate, I’m not a fan of it. – Sure it looks good, but like those folks that dress up as clowns… I think there’s something missing upstairs.

Anyways enough about those clowns…

…folks online do their own version of mime.

They write a book, make a product, build a website, and they expect everyone to drop by and see what they’ve done.

And they wait.

And they wait.

And they wait.

And you know what happens? – Nothing.

Nothing happens. – No books get sold, products bought, or websites get visited.

And that’s because they see themselves as a writer, creator, or website owner.

The marketing and promotion stuff is for other people, or an afterthought for some time in the future.

It’s the other way around.

Marketing and promotion always come first.

If we don’t know what you do, we don’t know what you do.

And if we don’t know what you do, we can’t buy what you sell.

Common sense. Nothing complicated. And yet most people still do it.

What about you?

When was the last time you told someone what you do?

When was the last time you promoted yourself?

Or are you relying on good thoughts, and prayers, to direct people your way?

How’s that working out for you?

In my eyes,  if you’re not proud of what you do you’re in the wrong game.

Because if you were proud of what you did, you’d be telling the world about it right now.

There’s a reason why most mime artists are as skinny as a garden rake.

You can’t get fat collecting pennies from passersby on the footpath.

And being a pain in the arse and blocking people’s way doesn’t help either.

The moral of the story, stop being a mime artist about what you do… or just get out of the game… because you’re not helping anyone… including yourself.

If you’re proud of what you do, you should be in someone’s inbox today promoting yourself.


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