A Lesson I Learned After I Passed My Driving Test.

Like most people, I’ll never forget the moment I passed my driving test.

Being dropped off home by my driving instructor, I watched my wife come racing out the door with a questioning look on her face.

I gave the thumbs up, and she broke out with a squeal of delight.

‘Someone seems happy you’ve passed,’ he remarked.

Beaming from ear to ear, I thanked him, and went to show her proof of my test.

‘That’s great, we can go anywhere now!’

Watching my driver instructor pull away from the kerb, I couldn’t get that thought out of my head.

Not only had he helped me pass my test, but he’d given me so much more than that.

He’d given me freedom.

Freedom to go where I wanted.

The ability to take my kids wherever they wanted to go to – places they’d been pestering me to take them to.

To never have to lug a pram onto a bus, on a wet day, that’s loaded down with shopping bags.

And a million other things.

To Sean, he probably just saw himself as a driving instructor. But to me he was so much more.

Thing is, we all look at our lives through what we do, and not the effect it can have on people’s lives.

Some of us make things easier for people. – By making the complicated simple.

Some of make people healthier, adding more years to their lives. Or life to those years.

Some of us restore broken relationships. Or help to lift the stress off someone’s life.

And some of us give people belief in themselves where there was none before.

I discovered that for myself, a few years back with a video course I put together. It was a simple one that showed how anyone can create a children’s picture book and sell it in the Kindle store.

One of the reviews I got back, was from a lady that created a book to mark the journey her sick baby was going through.

To me, it was just a video course.

To her, it was so much more.

So don’t look at your business, or what you do as that, a thing you do.

Sometimes we can have a bigger influence than you realise.

You’re not just a….(fill in the blank).

You’re a lot more than that.

Curious about the picture book course?

Click here to read that testimonial, and see the course for yourself.

Maybe It’s Time You Shut Your Mouth

…knew that would get you to open this post.

So what did you do? Well nothing, really.

And that’s the problem…doing nothing.

Go to any forum, Facebook page, or any social hangout, and you’ll find someone announcing some big thing they’re gonna do.

‘I’m going walk across the country in my bare feet for charity.’

‘I’m gonna lose one hundred pounds this year.’

‘I’m gonna write a book.’

‘I’m gonna start an online business’

…and in runs all the back clappers, cheerleaders, and the ‘go on ya’ folks, and that person get virtually carried through town on their shoulders.

But what have they actually done?


Not a thing.

Not a step not taken.

Not a pound not lost.

Not a page written.

Not a website built.


And yet they get congratulated for something they haven’t done.

So why would they bother doing through all the discomfort of doing those things…just to get another pat on the back?

Wouldn’t make sense to do so, would it?

Now compare that to someone that’s writing the book, losing the weight, building the site, but not telling anyone.

Every day they’re doing the actions they need to do. And once they’ve completed it, they announce their accomplishment to the world.

Enter the back clappers, and that person get’s congratulated for what they’ve achieved.

I’ll repeat that….’for what they’ve achieved.’

Which one are you?

If you’re the one making the statements and wondering why you’re never getting them done, there’s probably a good reason why.

You’re looking for the parade before you start.

But wouldn’t it better to keep your mouth shut and do the things you need to do instead?

Wouldn’t it be better, having your parade day, with something concrete to celebrate?

You’re going to see all that nonsense in January.

People looking for praise, because they can rhyme off a New Year’s resolution list they’ve been repeating for years and never done.

Come 2021, they’ll be back looking for more praise from people that also will never do anything worthwhile in their lives.

Am I being a bit hard?

Maybe so.

But if I can wake you out of that day dream you’ve been telling yourself, it’ll be well worth it.

Work first!

Then look for your praise.


Barry J McDonald.