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You’ll Never See The Sunrise If It’s Behind You

…’You Can’t Watch A Sunset If You’re Facing East, No Matter How Hard You Try’
– Jim Edwards.

Common sense, right?

Because if you’re looking in the opposite direction, it might as well not even be there.

Right now, there are a lot of people looking in the opposite direction.

They’re looking for a government to pull them out of a financial hole.

They’re looking for a business to be there for them.

And they’re looking at Netflix and gaming as a buddy to make all their troubles go away.

Thing is…

Governments do what they want to do…and most times do it badly. – Doesn’t matter where you are, or whose in  control.

Businesses are going to do what they’re going to do. – A sinking ship will always cut free all the dead weight so it can
stay afloat.

And Netflix and gaming?

A band-aid that’s as nourishing as a bucketful full of candy floss.

And when all of this is over, the majority of people will still be looking in the wrong direction for a better life.

All things that let them down before.

They’ll still see an hour of their life as being worth less than ten bucks.

They’ll still see an hour’s pay, for an hour’s work.

And they’ll once again, give a crappy boss control over their future and that of their families.


…had they turned around and looked behind them.

They would find people who get paid more per hour.

People who do an hour’s work, and get far more than an hour’s pay for it. – Sometimes multiplying that hour’s
effort hundreds of times over.

And people who work for themselves. Maybe not full time, but using that Netflix time to build something they
can send money their way.

Same life, but it’s how you look at it.

Either you’re in control, or you’re giving someone else all the control.

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After that, it’s back to the WriteCome vault with it.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – If you’re reading this I hope you’re putting all that knowledge of yours into action.

Because there are people out there that would love to know even a fraction of what you know right now.

Never forget how lucky you are. – I know I do at times like these.

Stop Writing Yourself Off

…it’s human nature for all of us to look outside ourselves for something that’ll make us better than we are.

Something that’ll make us more money.

Something that’ll make us a better writer.

Something that’ll give us more confidence.

And sometimes we find that course, that book, or that coach, that magically transforms our lives.

But did they do that?

Or did they just give us permission to use that part of us?

Back when I was shelf-stacker, I already had the ability to write.

I already had the ability to record and sell a video course.

And I already had the ability to write a daily email.

I didn’t know I had those talents back then. But they were there…looking to have the dust blown off them.

How did I find them?


The books and courses gave me the confidence to it.  The practice just made me better at doing it.

Same goes for you.

There’s no writing fairy going to touch your head with her magic wand and bestow a writing talent on you.

It’s already there.

It’s all inside, rather than outside.

If it wasn’t there, you wouldn’t have the longing to do it.

It’s just up to you to develop the confidence and practice to bring it out.

So stop writing yourself off.

Barry J McDonald.

PS – It’s all inside….not…outside.