A Business Lesson From Boy George

Boy George Quote


…“The difference between a hit and a non-hit is repetition” – Boy George

Ever find when a new music single comes out every radio station seems to be playing it?

It might be the worst song you’ve ever heard, but yet it’s everywhere.

Chances are good, in the first few listens you don’t even like it,  but hammered over the head because it’s playing on every station, the tune becomes an earworm.

And before you know it, you find yourself humming it too.

Now, there were probably a ton of records released that week, but you never hear of them beyond the first listen.

And as Boy George said up there, the difference between a hit and a non-hit is repetition.

And that’s something you need to be aware of in your business too.

Show up once, and you’re easily forgotten.

But show up again, and again, and again, and over time you’re the only one that your customer thinks about.
–  Because you’re the only one they hear constantly.

So let me ask you…how many times are you showing up in your readers and customers lives?

If it’s not many, you can’t expect your customers to be humming your tune.

And if you’re not humming yours, then you can rest assured they’re humming someone else’s.

Now if you want to become an earworm in your readers and customer’s ear…

….‘Karma’ right this way and learn a little skill called email witing.

It’s just one of the many things you’ll learn to do right here.


Barry J McDonald.

PS – Anyone else remember when ‘Cowboy George’ met the A-Team?

God, I still cringe at that episode.

The Kitchen Tap Story

You're either creating, or disintegrating. 

…right now, in my kitchen, I’ve got a tap that thinks it’s a mini fountain.

Turn it on, and not only does water come flying out of the spout, but we’ve got a pinhole mini geyser that sprays water sideways across the room.

The first couple of days, I was wondering why I was getting wet and couldn’t see how.

That problem, for now, has been solved with a little piece of sticky tape.

Now, I could go down to the local hardware store and order a new tap, but what with this whole Coronavirus thing, the queues are almost as long there as those at a food bank.

I’ve tried ordering one online there,  but been told that it’s not an essential item right now.

Paint is, but a kitchen tap isn’t. – Work that one out???

Anyway, that reminds me of something Bob Proctor once said in a seminar….”You’re either growing, or you’re

You’re either trying to make yourself and your business better, or you’re falling behind.

Doing nothing at all, means you’re still falling behind.

Take my little tap, for example,  it worked for over 10-years without causing any problems, but right now it’s reached
a point where it doesn’t work properly anymore.

That’s like a lot of people in this whole coronavirus thing.

Those who have sat on their laurels, – never learnt about creating an online business or even an online store for
that matter – have been hit hard.

Those that didn’t, are now receiving the benefit of it.

The moral of the story, things are always changing.

Either getting better or getting worse.

You’re either creating, or disintegrating.

Doing nothing right now, means you’re falling further behind.

That’s one reason I’m updating the WriteCome Members area right now.

The old software I was using, was leaking products to people who knew how to search the site for download pages.

The one right now, it’s more watertight than a duck’s butt. – And it’ll pay off in the weeks and months ahead.

It mightn’t seem like you’re on a treadmill right now, but you are. And if you want to even stay where you are, the very least you’ve got to do is keep walking to stay in place.

Don’t do that, and you’re going to be like one of those YouTube videos where you’re going to go flying off the end and wake up in a heap, wondering what happened.

Want to move forward, and learn some money-making skills, like this one…email writing.

Go here…


Barry J McDonald.

PS – What’s it gonna be?