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“My Kids Would Kill Me!”

…now that was a comment I got yesterday when I advised people to record their knowledge, tips, and life experience on camera.

It’s been a while since I heard that comment, and in Ireland, you hear that a lot.

‘Oh, they’d kill me if I did that.’

‘People would think I’ve got notions of myself.’

‘Mammy would freak out if I did that.’

‘There’s no way they’d let me do that.’

Those last two remarks weren’t from kids, but grown adults…or so-called grown-up adults.

They probably won’t become adults until their parents die and then they’re in control of their life.

But by then, it’ll probably be too late. – All the energy, ideas, and drive will be in the dust.

Do you know the benefit of living your life according to your kids, or parents?



And you know what happens?

You resent that person for the rest of your life.

Because they held you back.

That they made you stay small.

And you’ll hate them for it.

You might be all smiles on the outside, but on the inside, that splinter will always be there.

The advice I gave that lady, make the videos, especially if your kids are going to kill you.

It’s not their life, it’s yours.

And the same goes for you.

It’s YOUR life to live.

Make it a good one.


The Snarky Tik Tok Comment I Got And My Reply

The Snarky Tik Tok Comment I Got And My Reply

…now the other day, I did a paid promo on Tik Tok.

I picked a video, put a few quid on it, and sent it off on its merry way.

And, as you’d expect to happen, the views went up and the comments started to come in.

Scrolling and commenting back, I got this comment.


Reading between the lines….or translated in my head…that meant….’Only 292 followers.’

And yes that person is right, I have only 292 followers.

But if I focused on that number, I’d be depressed with someone that’s got 1,000 followers, want to lie in bed all day if I saw someone that’s got 10,000 followers, and probably feel like a worthless human being if I saw someone with a million followers.

But, as I said in my video reply today, that’s not where my attention is….it’s on the number of videos I’ve created.

That number (although I said 300 in the video) is more like 350 videos I’ve created.

292 versus 300.

Which, now, is the better number to focus on?

292 followers, or showing up 300 times, coming up with 300 ideas, and probably making a tool out of myself 300 times.

If I lost those followers, I’ve still got all that experience, got out of my comfort zone, and built a consistent habit that I take with me in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

So the next time someone tries to rain on your parade, put the numbers in perspective.

It’s not the numbers, it’s the person you’re becoming by showing up, doing the work, and going through those low points when you want to give up.

That’s a better thing to have.

That’ll stand to you in the future.

Oh, and last I looked, I’m up to 293 followers 🙂

So there!

Now, if you’re wondering why you’re not showing up to do the work, it could be for this very reason.

You can read all about it here.