The Florida Man Idea Generator

…today I came across a great idea generator not only for email topics, but fiction too.

Take an idea I came upon today….

‘Florida man kills himself with weather balloon.’

Seems, said man, committed suicide – and wanting a payout from his life insurance – tied his gun to a weather balloon in the hope that it would float away, looking like he was murdered instead.

Genius, right?

Unfortunately his browsing history gave away the game.

While the story is sad, it’s a great idea for a murder mystery book. – Imagine your ace detective stepping in (doing a Jessica Fletcher) and solving the crime when no one else can.

Or putting a modern spin on it, throw in a drone, and you’ve got a murderer killing his victims from miles away.

Or what about someone finding a downed weather balloon with a USB drive attached to it. – A nice thriller idea.

Or a child attaching a note to it, looking for someone to take care of their lonely and miserable father. – Romance

The story ideas are endless.

So how do you find these stories?

Simply Google ‘Florida man + month + date.’

The search above came from Googling my wife’s date of birth.

Now, while you might end up with a great idea, you may be wondering….’How can I write a book with this scene in it?’

Try this on for size.

PS – It’s also a great blog post idea generator, hence today’s post.  🙂

All You Need Is Love!….And A Few Customers.

…Ah!…..Valentine’s Day.

A day where….

…everyone on social media wants to show you that they’re the most romantic person in the world.

….stalkers think they’re in with a chance.

….someone out there is going to be left on bended knee – with an open ring box – and a woman in a full restaurant wishes the floor would swallow her up.

You can’t beat it.

Me. I’d never call myself the most romantic person – my wife would also agree on that fact – that’s why, when she used to read my romance books, she used to shake her head in disbelief.

‘You….wrote this?’


‘I didn’t know you had it in you?’

Now, while I never read a truckload of Mills And Boon books, I’d watched enough rom coms in my time to see what went into a romance story line.

Maybe you’re like that too?

You’d like to write something romantic, but you don’t know what to write, and you’re afraid that every idea has already been taken.

If that’s you….then you’ll like my Romance Rolodex.

1,100 romance keywords and book ideas.

If you’re looking for more customers, you simply have to give them what they’ve been searching for.

Click here you old romantic you!

PS – It’s also cheaper than a box of overpriced chocolates and totally calorie free.

3 Ways To Get Into The Writing Zone

There’s not many people out there who can fire up their laptop and write at a moment’s notice. For the rest of us, we need to coax our muse out of it’s shell until the words start to flow.

So, what can you do to get your head in the best place for writing?  Here’s a few things you can try out today.

Change What You’re Wearing  – This might seem like a weird thing to do, but give it a go and you may be surprised by how changing your clothes can change your state.

I’m sure if you ask anyone who has to dress in a uniform for their occupation they’ll tell you that they take on the role of their job when they dress for it.  Putting on a nurse’s uniform, or a police uniform,  I’m sure makes those people change how they talk, walk, and how they carry themselves.  So why not put that to use when it comes to your writing.

What do you picture someone like Stephen King wearing when he sits down to write? Of course you can Google pictures for an answer, but why bother, the reality mightn’t be as good as how you imagine it.  – Is he sitting in formal writing clothes? A t-shirt? Shirt and tie? 

Play around with your wardrobe, dress formally or informally, and see how it affects your mental state and how you see yourself. You may be surprised by  how a small change can make a big difference.

Change Your Surroundings – Like changing your clothing, your surroundings can make a big difference to how easy it takes to get into the flow of writing.

For example, in my own case, big open spaces aren’t good for me. Put me in the middle of a park and I’ll probably struggle to get into flow.  But, put me in a small room, with curtains closed, and small chair sitting in the corner, and I’m in my element.

Even the chair I sit on can make a difference to how I write.  Put me on a small banana shaped gaming chair and I can easily close out the world to write. But put me on a stiff kitchen chair and I struggle to hit my word count.

As well as the chair you sit on, or don’t ( I’ve been known to enjoy a few hours writing standing up), pay attention to what’s on your desk.   Would a writing mug with a writing quotation help you get in the zone?

Or how about some photos of writers you admire, snap shots of book you’d love to emulate, or a print out of positive past reviews, hanging on your wall that you can look up at when you’re looking to get your head in the game.

Like picturing clothing, play around with your imagination and conjure up images of the your favorite authors work spaces.  What does J.K Rowling’s desk look like? Again, you don’t need to Google it. If that’s what you think it is, then that’s what it is. – You just need to convince your subconscious that you’re a proficient author working in a strong writing surrounding.  – Once you do, don’t be surprised when the words start to flow.

Prime The Writing Pump – One thing that some writers like to do is do some form of uncontrolled writing before getting to work. In these situations, you simply write the thoughts that come into your head, editor free, and put them on the page.  After five or ten minutes,  the brain/hand connection grows to a point that your inner critic switches off (or grows bored), leaving you a chance to quickly start on your work before it returns to ruin the flow.

But what if you can’t do that? What if you’re embarrassed by your thoughts?

Although these head clearing sessions can be really helpful to clear the decks,  reading back through your sentences can be akin to the ramblings of a madman scribbled on the wall of an asylum.  For me, I was always wary of anyone stumbling upon my words and left wondering about my sanity.  Because of that, I could never really let myself go.  Maybe you’re like that too?

So, what can you do? Easy, use someone else’s words.

Rather than opening your head and venting all all the craziness that’s in there, go find one of your favorite books and write passages from it instead.  – Working with this material allows you to switch off your inner editor, since it’s already been heavily edited and not your work, but it also helps to improve your own writing style.

Writing out passages by hand not only forces you to slow down and become  aware of how every word, comma,  and sentence structure is used in the piece, but you’re already writing out good material before you begin on your own work.  – So when you do start, you’ll be writing from a higher level than if you were writing from a rambling session.  – Give it a go and you’ll be surprised how quickly your writing will improve.

And there you go, three ways to get your head in the writing zone.  Are these the only ways, or the best ones, probably not. But give them a go and see what happens. You may surprise yourself  by how a small trick can open up that head of yours.  🙂