5 Reasons Every Author Should Have A High Ticket Training Course

If you’re in the self publishing niche, you’ve probably heard of Mark Dawson and his Facebook ad course. Or maybe you’ve heard of other authors with Udemy courses and wondered why they do it. While they might have their own personal reasons, there’s no reason why you can’t follow suit and make one of your own.

Why? For these five reasons.

You Look More Of An Expert – If you had to compare two authors, both with a book on the same topic, but one has a video course priced at $495, which one looks more knowledgeable to you? It’s the course guy, right?

And even if you never bought the course, the fact that you know that author has a course at that price, lifts them above their competitors in your eyes.

It Smooths Out The Up And Down Of Book Earnings – Depending on the topic you’re writing in, you’re going to face the up and downs of book royalties.

Trends will come and go, new authors (with the help of software and research) will always find that hidden niche you’re making the big bucks in, and your earnings will always be in a state of fluctuation.

But having a course that pulls in $200 -$300 dollars at a time sure does smooth out those leaner times. And gives you more money you can put back into your book come promotion time, or any other author expense you might have.

Your Circle Of Competition Gets Smaller – Depending on what niche you find yourself in, the competition is probably tough. You’re probably finding new authors snapping up the book royalties you once had to yourself.

Unless you’re the absolute expert on your topic,  you’re going to face competition.

But create a training a course and that competition drops away dramatically, probably even to zero. Why? Because most other authors are lazy, lack the confidence that they can create a course, and probably don’t know all the technology needed to do it.

You’ll Get More Help Spreading Your Message – Ask someone to promote your book and you’ll probably get a few fans that’ll send out a tweet or a shout-out on Facebook. But offer to give them a $100 for helping you to sell a copy of your training course, and you’ll have people busting a gut to get that money.

There’s not many people that’ll set aside time every single day to promote your book, but a course, that’s a different story.

Once you’ve got a team of affiliates or an affiliate manager do all the heavy lifting for you, means you’re free to work on other projects and pick up 50% of any sales you make.

You’ll Help More People With Your Topic – Let’s face it, how many people read a book, don’t take action on the information in it, and buy another one to do it all over again? Too many.

Why? Because with a book you want the information as quickly as possible. You don’t want to pause at the end of Chapter one because you want to dig into Chapter two. And before you know it, you’re doing the Amazon Kindle quick buy never to return or do those exercises.

If doesn’t matter if  wrote the best book since the earth cooled, if your readers aren’t taking action on that information it’s worthless. – A training course on the other hand is a different matter.

Faced with lessons explained to the nth degree through video, printouts, and assignments, and you’re giving your reader every possible chance that they’ll change their lives with your content. – Then there’s also the $400 investment they’ve made. Which compared to losing five bucks on a Kindle book, is something you’ll find more people will follow through on to get their money’s worth.

Standing head and shoulders above your competition, making more money, and helping your readers is fairly simple just by creating a higher priced training course. For most authors however, the thoughts of sitting down and speaking into a microphone, or firing up some screen capture software, is something they feel is beyond them. It’s not.  

Once you get over how your voice sounds on playback, the lack of confidence you have, you’ll go on to build a far stronger bond with your reader than you ever could through text on a page. It just takes having a ‘What the hell, why not? attitude to give it a go.

But once you do, like I’ve found, you’ll never want to stop doing it.  – Get started today!