One Bold Decision Is All It Takes

…to get from where you are to where you want to be could depend on you making a bold decision.

Back before I did half of the things I do now, I struggled with the idea of writing a kids’ fiction book.

Now where I am, that decision seems tiny.  But back then I ran every scenario through my head.

Could I do it? – Would it be any good? – No one in our family ever wrote fiction. – What if friends and family find out what I’m doing?

To you, I’m sure that seems far from a bold decision to make.

But in my head, although it wasn’t life and death, it was way out of my comfort zone.

Thankfully, I wised up and wrote the book. – Namely, because my ghostwriter vanished and wouldn’t get back to me about taking on the job.

So, back to the wall, and my wife fed up listening to me complain about the said ghostwriter, I wrote the book.

And things grew from there.

That book led to writing two books, which led to writing seventeen books, which led to creating video training courses, podcasts, and on it went.

The starting point was one decision.

And the same could be true for you.

You could be one bold decision away from changing your life.

Now, again a bold decision in your eyes mightn’t be one in mine, but if it’s a decision where you don’t know the outcome and it’s outside your comfort zone then that is a bold decision.

If you haven’t made one yet, it could also be because you think that there’s a magical moment when you take one.

That the clouds are going to part, that you’ll hear a booming voice from above, or that a unicorn will suddenly appear and give you the thumbs up. – It doesn’t happen that way.

There are no magical days, no magical moments, just now. – Just a moment like the one we’re sharing here now.

Your life could change from this moment on.

You could decide that enough is enough and you can’t live like this anymore.

You could decide that there’s more to you than what you’ve been showing, and if you’re going to go out of this life you’re going to go with a bang.

Bold decisions can be made walking home in the rain in tears.

They can be made while looking at the face in the mirror.

They can be made during the heat of an argument.

It doesn’t matter where you make them, just that you make them.

And who knows.. that one decision could set off a line of dominos taking you to places neither of us could imagine you going to.

Sometimes the difference in life is the decisions we make.

Some small, taking us to places we expect to end up.

And some big, where the outcome isn’t seen but where the payoff could be huge.

All it could take is one decision.

Are you ready to take it?

Are you bold enough to make it?

Change Involves Change

…I’m sure there’s something you want to have in your life.

And you probably want it pretty badly.

You’ve probably been wanting it for a while now.

But it’s still not on the driveway, in your bank account, or laying in bed beside you.

So what changes have you made to you?

Have you changed in all that time?

When we hear the word change, it can have a negative aftertaste to it.  Like we have to do things we don’t want to do, like being a fake version of ourselves. – Acting, dressing and being with people we don’t want to be with.

But change can also be letting go.

Letting go of a negative upbringing that you’re been using as an excuse to stay where you are.

Letting go of our want to be comfortable all of the time by realizing that new situations and actions are going to be uncomfortable until we master them.

Letting go of the idea that we know everything already and admitting that we probably don’t.

Because change on the inside is where change on the outside usually happens first.

But for some with the lottery mentality – bring everything to my door but don’t make me have to get out of my seat – never get that point.

And because they never get it… they never get it… as in the thing they want.

So if things haven’t changed. – No sign of the new car, new money, new partner, life maybe trying to tell you something.

Either you need to work harder to bring it toward you, or you need to work on yourself because something in you is pushing it away.

Because change involves change.

And if there’s no change on your side, then life isn’t going to change in response.

Nothing that would burn up a few brain cells to ponder on, but how many people do it?

Change to change.

A nice play on words, but it has a lot of depth if you pay attention to it.

If you want change to happen, be prepared to change to meet it.

I’ll be honest, I had to change a lot to get over my fear of writing daily emails. – Getting over self-doubt, embarrassment, and the fear of rejection.

As you can see I got there, and this is what I used to do it.