‘Mr Fear’s On The Line…’

…when I used to work in a call centre it used to amaze me at the names people had…take Mr Fear for example.

Not a name you hear every day, and if anything, it sounded like a Stephen King character.

Thinking he said ‘Sear,’ I found out that no, I was right, he was indeed Mr Fear.

Mr Fear……I wondered what his younger life like? Was he bullied for it? Where the girls afraid of him? Did he live up to his name? Was there a Mrs Fear….or had she kept her maiden name? Why hadn’t he changed it, did he like the attention he got answering that name?

Now,  what would your Mr Fear look like? What’s his job? Where does he live? What car does he drive? Where does he get his groceries from?

Asking yourself those types of questions is one of the easiest way to create a character for your next fiction book. – One that lives long after your reader’s closed your book.

Not everyone’s got what it takes to be a writer…but everyone’s got an imagination they can use to come up with a cast of characters for a book.

You can get someone else to do all the heavy lifting using this.

PS – What was he like? I’ll leave that answer up to your imagination.  🙂

The Ole Gas Station Story

…Once upon a time there was a man that owned a gas station in the back of beyonds.

One day, while watching his attendant pumping gas for a customer, he noticed his customer looking bored, waiting beside his car.

‘You know something, there’s money in that customer’s pocket…if only I had more to sell to him.’

This lead to him adding drinks for his customers to buy….then sweets….then maps….then hunting licences…boat hire……and on and on it went.

Same goes for you too.

Your customers, readers, and followers have more money they could be giving you. – If you’re not providing it, then you’ve no one else to blame….if you’re not making much right now.

And if you are making that content, but not telling them that it’s also available to buy, then your lack of funds is also our fault.

If your customer loves  fiction, make sure they know you’ve got more waiting for them to read.

If they love puzzle books, coloring books, planners ….don’t be shy in pointing them your way. And making a strong case as to why they should continue to buy off of you.

Just because your gas station seems small right now doesn’t mean it always has to be that way. – Take my own place, WriteCome, right now.

I could have just made the Super Simple Coloring book course and left it that, but I knew the coloring book and puzzle book folk had more to give…if I could provide more for them to buy.

Now, I could have peddled the usual ‘This is a file filled with illustrations you can use,’ but everyone and their grandmother was doing that….but I knew I could do better….and so I came up with ‘Vector Graphic Coloring Book Images 2.’

I like to think of it as the everlasting gobstopper of coloring book content.

For one low price, you can turn almost any copyright free image into a coloring book or puzzle book image in seconds.

PS – “Now, would you like me to check your oil levels while you’re here?

No? – Well maybe you’d like to look at this instead while you’re hanging around.

PPS – Members, it’s all waiting for you in the members area. – Have fun!

Nothing Half Full About This Can!

…that’s what it says on the packet of Pringles.

And it’s a good marketing ploy.

Because how many of us has opened a bag of crisps and had to shake the packet to find the few hidden in the corner of the packet?

We’ve all been there….right?

And yet we put up with it.

Same goes for the coloring book, and low content, folk. They buy a package of images, or a ‘wonderful’ piece of software, and are left with an empty feeling of ‘Is that it?’

And for some that’s the case, but not those on my email list. Call me Captain Pringle, but I like selling something that’s filled to the brim.

Today, I’ve actually outdone myself with my ‘Vector Graphic Coloring Book Images 2.’

Yeah, the name mightn’t be original, but if you’re looking for a product that gives, and keeps giving, they go here ye now.

PS – If you’re looking for PNG’s ‘Pretty niche graphics’ for your coloring books, I’d hit the link here.

Vector Graphic Coloring Images 2

It’s a number 2, but far from being a Number 2. – probably lost some people with that pun. 🙂

Grumblers, and empty packet lovers need not apply!